Oh she has no idea. If I had a blacklight, this would look like a Jackson Pollock painting.

Hey, I am LividMilkshake, and i am a multi fandom blog! (basically what I like goes!) Feel free to send me fic ideas, imagines and even just to talk! Warning my blog may contain some NSFW and maybe spoilers to some stuff, you have been warned :3


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Finally got around to going through both Walking Dead game seasons. After all that has happened in the series, these two are still my favorite characters. That moment.. When Clementine was dreaming? All the feels came flowing out my eyeballs. 

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this is the funniest post i have ever seen and now i need to start watching this show

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Aubrey Plaza in Nylon September 2014

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i hope everyone realizes that Drax literally drunk dialed Ronan and almost got them all killed

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Follower: I love your blog!
Me (in my head): Oh my God oh my God someone actually likes me! Oh my God I hope they're not messing with me this is the coolest thing EVER We will roll down hills and ride unicorns and bake cakeballs we will ship our unicorns together and then we will fangirl into oblivion! Oh my God oh my God this is not a drill, I repeat, this is NOT a drill! AHHHHH ASDFGHJKL
Me (on keyboard): Thank you darling, I love you too :)
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1 AM (Extended)

info: The 1 AM theme is an hourly theme used in a variety of Animal Crossing games. The song is a very relaxing, dreamy piano melody with some synth string and very light percussion in the second half of the song.

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We are Groot.

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Like my new bag? :3 (looks black in the middle but it’s blue)

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'He's also known as Star-Lord

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Will the circle be unbroken by and by, b y  a n d  b y ?
Is a better home awaiting in the sky, i n  t h e  s k y ?

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if you follow me on tumblr and like my posts a lot i probably have fondly memorized your username and consider you a pal

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I am quite proud of myself! Today I went out the house and to a friends house (few stops on the bus) for me that is an acomplishment! (I have anxiety so i barely leave the house) I mean there where a few moments i wanted to go back and trust me i felt so scared for the first part but I did it and I am acknowledging it. 

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