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Time for a yogscasty rant

Of course it is under the cut so if you want an account of how i feel about them and my account then read on, other content will follow up sometime

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Joss Whedon ft. The Avengers

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The king gets all the ladies.

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Souyo Week, Day 1: AU.  I’m 2 days behind but in my defense I had no internet yesterday.

(Still mad there is no fem!souyo.   I voted for it damn it!)

Also Yosuke’s hair is a bitch to draw, holy fuck.

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【P4主花】ログまとめ | MAMI [pixiv] 

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nvm found it

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Souyo Week - Day 3 : Future/Family

I may love me some Souyo, but I LOVE missed-chance/one-sided/unrequited Souyo. 

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Souyo Week 2014, Day 2 - Canon Moment / Altered Canon Moment

I was one of those people who would eat lunch with Yosuke every time it was possible. 

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Game that I loved so very much: P4

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i require more matt miller in my life im gonna go play saints row

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all 3 are voiced by yuri lowenthal but but yuuri and ben sound the same I mean exactly the same I could tell right away, but then I found out gen was on the list as well and I was legit shocked am I dumb or just really dumb

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okay i love yuri lowenthal but every time i play an atlus game i make a test out of how quickly he shows up

and sure enough, hooded man yosuke

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